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Generating accessible PDFs in LaTeX: or how I learned to worry and hate the machine

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Note: This is a rant. Technical information may be better found in another post. However, I’ve not seen anyone do this, so…

I recently had to submit a PDF to my university for a poster detailing my research this semester. (This research went nowhere, by the way. Unfortunate.) IU requires that all PDFs be accessible, and I have no issues with this at all! I already provide alt-text for all my images that I post on social media, and I even get mildly annoyed at people who don’t; so why would this post even be necessary—

Note: The process of creating an accessible PDF requires the installation of Adobe Acrobat Pro. IU Students and Staff may download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Pro from IUware.


Oh no.

Proprietary creep

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Fair warning: this post is pretty passive-aggressive

I recently participated in the Hack-a-Sat CTF. How my team did and the write-ups for that are entirely outside the scope of this post, but the uniquely notable part is that we organized a team, coordinated solutions, and worked as a team with entirely open-source communication, much of it self-hosted. Namely, we used:

Attempting (and failing) to escape Google

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Alternative title: Young NB Yells At The Cloud

Note that this absolutely isn’t vetted for technical accuracy. It’s probably also not a very coherent post altogether. I just needed to get this off my chest.

Ever since late 2019, I’ve been using a Google Pixel 2 as my day-to-day cellphone. While I’ve known that it didn’t respect my privacy, per the Google tradition of being creepy and generally terrifying, I wasn’t entirely aware of this phenomenon until Google told me when I registered my rooted Nook Tablet with their services in 2014. The fact that this has been recorded six years later was enough to set me off on a path to de-Googlify my Google phone.