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This post is going to be odd, as unlike all my others, it’s structured more like a live account and will be continually updated as I continue to work.

For a while, I’ve been running this website, and its related services, off of a Linode VPS running Debian with 2GB of RAM. In addition, I recently completed my computer vision project for AP Capstone Research, so I have a free Raspberry Pi 4 to work with. Under this logic, I’ve begun trying to move my services to a locally hosted server, since I already have all of the components. This shouldn’t impact anybody, because everything I have is private anyway…


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2021–08–06 update: This post has been horribly out-of-date for a while.

This website has received a much-needed refresh, one that I’ve been putting off for years. While I’ve made a personal blog in the past (albeit all of them being short-lived), all of them have used Jekyll, a popular static site generator written in Ruby. This is fine and dandy, sure, but I don’t know Ruby, so I didn’t know how to maintain a Jekyll site well. Furthermore, I’ve always used some random theme I grabbed off of GitHub and slapped it on there with the might of Zeus. Again, worked, but wasn’t great, and didn’t reflect well on my competency as a developer if I couldn’t whip up a simple blog on my own.