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Nix(OS) Thoughts

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This post is relatively scatterbrained, and if you’re familiar with Nix, there’s not any explicitly new ground to tread here. However, I have enjoyed my experience with NixOS so much that I felt compelled to write this post, although there’s already a plethora of posts drilling the same points.

From time to time, I find software that immediately seems to click with me, and I start integrating it almost irreversibly into my workflow, to the point where it’s difficult to think outside of its scope. Emacs is one of these: when I began using it, I started integrating most of my software into Emacs, be it IRC or RSS.


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This post is going to be odd, as unlike all my others, it’s structured more like a live account and will be continually updated as I continue to work.

For a while, I’ve been running this website, and its related services, off of a Linode VPS running Debian with 2GB of RAM. In addition, I recently completed my computer vision project for AP Capstone Research, so I have a free Raspberry Pi 4 to work with. Under this logic, I’ve begun trying to move my services to a locally hosted server, since I already have all of the components. This shouldn’t impact anybody, because everything I have is private anyway…