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Primary front from at least mid-2018 onwards. Most likely to understand technical stuff. Does a lot of math, and will program, but largely for only programs that double as proof or interesting PL-adjacent projects.

  • Pronouns: they/them
  • Status emoji: 🐰
  • Bracelet: black

Generally extremely direct, and extremely emotional. Plays a lot of Tetris. Can do technical tasks, but doesn't really want to.

  • Pronouns: xie/xer
  • Status emoji: 🍃
  • Bracelet: yellow

Has a very strong sense of moral principles, almost to a fault. Wants to be a writer. Thinks a lot about analytical philosophy. Doesn't want to/can't do computer toucher tasks.

  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Status emoji: 💜
  • Bracelet: white

Primary front at some point pre-2017. Much more programmer-aligned than Hazel, and will do various computer tasks in that vein that Hazel finds menial. Wears extremely distinct outfits compared to the others. Wants to kiss men.

  • Pronouns: he/him
  • Status emoji: 🔥
  • Bracelet: reddish-pink