Hazel Rose Levine


I’m a second-year undergrad at IU Bloomington, studying pure mathematics and computer science.

Broadly speaking, I’m interested in programming languages and their design. I like languages with strong type systems, but counter to that, I spend most of my time writing Racket.

Lately, I’ve been working on Graphite and Sawzall, which aim to make Racket a better language for data science, and make typesetting academic papers with data visualizations easier.

I run the Fediverse instance types.pl.

Because multiple people have emailed me and asked: I will not work on your blockchain, cryptocurrency, web3, NFT, et cetera project. If you ask, I will laugh at you — and if enough people ask, I will call out every single person who did publically.

When referring to me, you should use they/them pronouns.


  • Email: hazel@knightsofthelambdacalcul.us (If you’re emailing me, use PGP or include the word “cactus” in your email.)
  • GitHub: @ralsei (Only used for collaborative projects. Otherwise, see the Git link above.)
  • Mastodon: @hazel@types.pl
  • Twitter: @sonicisdead (This is a mirror of my Mastodon, and following me there is preferred.)
  • Matrix: @hazel:fairydust.space
  • XMPP: hazel@lain.faith
  • Anything else: email me and ask, but I would probably prefer the contact methods above.


  • PGP: 5930 67D3 5E5C A280 959C EC37 35C1 2057 1662 1182
  • age: age1fjfm6qm9g5w7fr4vnf0uyu06aw5wdgaa67ln083u3dflleu7u59sek7whd
  • minisign/signify: RWQMcbd+Zp5RLkWLCJvnlElLOm9SEFEsgV1eU2IafmRnDPTrak/whUyD